• Q. Do I need a drumset to learn drums? A. Ideally yes. If you are serious about learning any musical instrument, you will need to practice regularly on that instrument, between lessons. There are other options, however, if you are unable or loathe to buy a kit straight away. A good quality pair of sticks and practice pad can enable valuable practice at less expense.
  • Q. Do you teach at student's homes? A. No. Due to the busy nature of my schedule, I base all of my private tuition at a teaching studio in Totnes. This also means the student has no outside pressures with regard to time, noise restrictions or availability of professional gear and study material.
  • Q. Where exactly is your studio ? A. The full address is as follows: - Unit 14, Brook House, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6DJ. A map of the location can be viewed here.
  • Q. What methods do you use in teaching? A. Only proven methods are used, the core of my teaching is based around the Drumsense programme. This programme can take a drummer of any level, and quickly pinpoint development needs, lending structure to the lessons and learning. I am more than happy to work with students on specific areas, especially if they are more experienced players.
  • Q. What styles of music do you cover? A. Any, although beginners will generally start with rock, jazz and rudiments. 
  • Q. Do I have to be able to read music? A. Initially, no, although basic drum notation is introduced during your very first lesson, and will run throughout your tuition.
  • Q. Do you do grades? A. Yes. If and when a student (or parent) decides that they would like to embark upon QCA grades, then I will prepare the student and advise as to when they are ready for examination. The two main bodies in the UK for drum grades are Rockschool and Trinity
  • Q. Can I buy study materials or drum hardware from you? A. Yes. I regularly source study materials and gear at the best prices I can find for students. Please ask for details.
  • Q. Do you teach in schools? A. Yes. I am lucky enough to teach a full timetable at Park School in Dartington, and Stoke Fleming Community Primary School. Should you wish to set up a demonstration at your child's school, please speak to the head of music or headteacher, and ask them to contact me on (01803) 414151 or email.
  • Q. Are you insured and DBS-checked? A. Yes. I am insured for public liability insurance up to £10,000,000 and hold a valid DBS certificate.
  • Q. How much do lessons cost? A. Full pricing details can be found here.
  • Q. Who's best, Ringo or Bonzo? A. Let's study both.

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