Istanbul Mehmet cymbals

Post date: 07-Aug-2013 12:29:32

I'm pleased & honoured to announce that I am now exclusively using & endorsing Istanbul Mehmet cymbals.

The new cymbals have been in place in the studio for the last few weeks, & I am absolutely blown away by the sounds & the amazing quality of these handmade instruments.

Put simply, they actually inspire you to play more, & to play differently. I cannot ask for more from any instrument.

This of course means, that every single student will be using the very best in professional quality cymbals from their very first lesson onward.

I am also excited to join the team of UK educators for Istanbul Mehmet.

The models I am using are as follows;

To see & hear these cymbals in person, simply either book a lesson, or contact me to arrange a viewing by appointment.

For sales enquiries within the South West & Wales please contact Nick Hopkin Drums - 01873 739138, email

For sales enquiries elsewhere in the United Kingdom please contact Drum Shop UK - 0191 4187113, email

For any other enquiries regarding Istanbul Mehmet cymbals please email

All photography courtesy of Kim Aldis.